Get your data on lockdown

When your data is your business, there's no room for shortcuts.

A breach can mean data, clients, reputation, and money lost. With threats constantly evolving, your protection should be too. Here at Unitas Global, we provide ongoing security solutions, purpose built to meet your compliance requirements, on-prem or in the cloud.

The facts /
Total of records exposed in 2016, Identity Theft Resource Center
  • The facts /

    This year’s average consolidated total cost of a data breach.

    2016 Ponemon Study
  • The facts /

    70 percent of cyberattacks use a combination of phishing + hacking techniques & involve a secondary victim.

  • The facts /

    Only 38 percent of global organizations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack.

    SACA International
  • The facts /

    Percent of CISOs are concerned about employees stealing sensitive company information.

    2016 SpectorSoft
Case studies /
Records Stolen. Since 2013
  • Apple inc.

    Large-scale hack of Apple iCloud, where personal photos + videos of celebrities were targeted.

    2015 cloud tweaks
  • » JP Morgan_83,000,000

    Stolen records ID theft 2014
  • Target

    110 million records connected with Target customers' payment card numbers, expiration dates and PIN numbers

    2014 business insider
  • » Linkedin_117,000,000

    Stolen data records, 2015
  • Sony

    In the 3rd quarter of 2014, Sony recorded $43 million of pre-tax expenses related to the data breach.2015 fortune

  • » Ebay_145,000,000

    Stolen data records, 2013

Are you prepared?

Ask yourself

  • Do you know where your sensitive data is stored and do you have a data mangement platform?

  • Are firewalls, IDS, antivirus, and anti-spam enough to withstand an attack?

  • Have you defined user access levels and provided strong authentication?

  • Did you know that data and security infrastructure are no longer confined within the enterprise? Is your data encrypted?

Checklist to preparedness

  • Checklist #1

    Risk Assessment/ Gap Analysis

    Determining the risks around data within your environment so you can shine a light in those dark corners and begin to "know what you don't know". Gap Analysis will work with whatever compliance framework you have, or are shooting for, and where you currently are today.

  • Checklist #2

    Continuous monitoring

    It's not a matter of if, but when. Breaches happen and the new paradigm is to accept this fact and detect them early. Continuous, 24x7 monitoring of your environment, both from a network and log perspective, can stop these attacks before they lead to a data breach.

  • Checklist #3

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the future of data protection. We monitor your endpoints to detect anomalous behavior on a 24x7 basis, a huge improvement over signature-based detection.

The unitas solution overview

Enter Unitas. This is why Unitas provides the Virtual CISO offering. The goal of this role is to provide strategic direction, ensure that security objectives are achieved, security risks are managed appropriately and to verify that the Customer’s IT and security resources are used effectively.