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Unitas Global Announces Launch of Visual Effects Rendering Solution

Los Angeles, California -- March 1, 2012 -- Unitas Global, the leader in managed IT infrastructure outsourcing services worldwide, announces the formal launch of its visual effects rendering solution after the successful implementation for two of Hollywood's premier filmmakers.

Movies have become increasingly more sophisticated featuring complex visual imagery and computer-generated special effects. With this comes an ever-increasing need for the computing power required to render these effects. Designed to integrate seamlessly with studios' existing render farm management applications, the solution provides the necessary bandwidth capacity to meet computing demand that exceeds what can be provided in-house. On-demand server farms are connected directly into studio networks via private fiber optic networks.

Unitas Global provides visual effects studios the ability to obtain the necessary render capacity they require without the need for capital expenditure, allowing them to pay for the capacity that they need on-demand. Studios no longer have to pay for dedicated datacenter facilities and servers during breaks between productions, and can now attribute costs to individual projects.

“The studios’ desire to outsource their computing requirements mirrors the trend that we see throughout our Fortune 1000 customer base, and further speaks to the future of the IT infrastructure industry,” said Grant Kirkwood, CEO at Unitas Global. “We are really excited to be an integral part of the local filmmaking industry.”

The Unitas VFX Rendering service is available today in North America's major studio markets and will be available at any of Unitas' private cloud facilities around the world in the coming quarter. For more information about Unitas Global's solutions for the production industry visit www.unitasglobal.com.

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