Cloud Security. Get Your Data on Lockdown.

When your data is your business, there's no room for shortcuts. A breach can mean data, clients, reputation, and money lost. With threats constantly evolving, your protection should be too.


Here at Unitas Global, we provide ongoing security solutions, purpose built to meet your compliance requirements, on-prem or in the cloud. For our managed security services, we partner with Alert Logic to provide a joint cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions protect client networks and identify potential threats to their data. With minimal capital costs and an OpEx model, our joint solution is scalable, easy to consume and seamless to integrate and deploy. Download ONESHEET

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  • virtual CISO

    Security complexity and security breaches are both increasing. So are the number of vendors in the security space. This is why Unitas provides the Virtual CISO offering. The goal of this role is to provide strategic direction, ensure that security objectives are achieved, security risks are managed appropriately and to verify that the Customer’s IT and security resources are used effectively.

  • Compliance Solutions

    Most vendors will tell you that they can offer you compliance just by using their datacenters or technology. We are realistic and give you the full picture: compliance requires people, process and technology. We can meet any compliance requirements your environment will need, using our internal security experts to provide these solutions.

  • Managed SOC

    The first line of defense for any information environment is visibility. We partner with leaders in the MSSP space to provide this visibility to your clients and stop attacks early in the killchain. Coupled with Unitas Global's unique Unitas AtlasTM network health and device monitoring platform, our monitoring services ensure you have 360 degree visibility of all of your environments.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Having an accurate picture of your assets and the risks they might pose to your critical data is essential. Using our Vulnerability Management tools such as Unitas Atlas, we can schedule internal and external scans to let you know what is vulnerable in your environment and also alert you to new devices that you might not know about on your networks.

  • Security Awareness Training

    Depending on the size of your network, you are most likely experiencing fallout from users clicking on malicious links on a daily basis. Unitas provides cutting-edge and interesting Security Awareness training which can be tracked and reported upon. This service combines Computer-Based Training with simulated phishing attacks planned at random times throughout the year to ensure your users understand the new and emerging threats.

  • Incident Response

    Unitas can help you prepare for incidents, respond to current incidents in your environment, work with your internal team to train and educate them on a proper incident workflow and conduct tabletop and fire-drill exercises which simulate all severities of incidents to ensure your team is prepared and can stop incidents before data is actually leaked from your environment

  • Global Coverage

    Our security services can go anywhere you go. Certified on all major public cloud platforms and deployable across traditional hosted & on-prem environments, our solutions natively protect your IT infrastructure and public cloud.

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