Container-Based Platform at Leading Asian Telco

Case Study: Dialing up App Performance with CI/CD Pipeline for Cloud Deployment

At A Glance

Built platform to boost application performance for large telecommunications firm with container-based development platform.

The Challenge

  • Operational risk due to teams stretched thin supporting multiple cloud environment at various lifecycle stages.
  • Operational risk compounded by highly manual and thus error prone deployment and upgrade processes.
  • Business challenged by slow development of in-house SDN solution.
  • Lack of existing commercial products to meet business needs.

The Solution

  • Plan to Integrate end-to-end CI/CD for automated deployment and testing.
  • Set out to improve infrastructure stability.
  • Simplify management by implementing cloud management tools.
  • Implement best practices training for software development lifecycle management.
  • Expose client to Open Source communities projects to help drive future feature development.


  • Reduce time to market and error rates by integrating end-to-end CI/CD for automated deployment and testing.
  • Boost infrastructure resilience and scalability while simplifying management by implementing cloud management tools (OpenStack on Kubernetes).
  • Ensure higher quality product plus end user comfort and adoption with best practices training regarding code acceptance and testing.
  • Engage and integrate client with several Open Source community projects to boost quality and drive new feature sets.

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