DevOps and Kubernetes at Yahoo! Japan

Case Study: Modern Infrastructure, Kubernetes, DevOps Accelerate Time to Market

At A Glance

As a top 3 web property in Japan with millions of visitors per month and growing, this leading media company knows web-scale infrastructure very well.

To remain competitive and serve ever-increasing internal and external customer demands, Yahoo! Japan committed to make significant upgrades to its’ legacy IT architecture and processes to improve IT agility and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

  • Selling a massive infrastructure upgrade internally to both the executive team and the IT end users.
  • Architect and deploy infrastructure capable of accommodating the media company’s growing scale in production.
  • Increase agility to get both new apps to market faster, and as well decrease the cycle time to get existing app updates live.
  • Scale and automate ops for a much larger set of servers in the infrastructure.

The Solution

Partnering with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America and Unitas Global (Solinea), Yahoo! Japan set out to:

  • Leverage strategy and planning expertise to get executive and board level buy in.
  • Architect the process and deploy the technical infrastructure solutions capable of accommodating the media company’s growing production needs at scale.
  • Roll out DevOps pipelines to help get the increases in agility they needed to get both new apps to market faster and decrease the cycle time for existing apps updates.
  • Introduce Kubernetes clusters to manage large scale production implementations.
  • Using Unitas for long term support on Kubernetes for upgrades and customization to help them adopt the new version as they come out.


Yahoo! Japan went live in production on a 2,000+ node OpenStack cluster in May 2016. This is new infrastructure now being used by 2,500+ developers, and worth noting is a massive process shift away from custom configuring VMs for each app use case.

Finally the project has great visibility at the executive level, being blessed by both the board of directors and executive management teams at Yahoo.

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