DevOps at a Global Credit Card Brand

Case Study: Financial Institution Scores Points by Accelerating Time to Market

At A Glance

Facing accelerating industry-wide disruption, this large credit card firm meets challenges with DevOps and CI/CD expert consulting.

The Challenge

  • Boosting Developer agility needed to be enhanced to create the high value, innovative applications required to retain a competitive edge.
  • Code quality was also in need of significant improvement.
  • Large amounts of the corporate infrastructure were also left idle by development teams that were never sure where their next virtual machine was going to come from.

The Solution

  • Set out to validate and refine DevOps rollout plans at scale
  • Implement interviews, analysis, and working sessions with leadership to break down barriers and silos
  • Propose focus on the integration of modern DevOps practices across as many business units as possible


  • Integrated modern DevOps practices across 10 business units.
  • Validated and refined DevOps rollout plans at scale.
  • Successfully broke down barriers and silos by conducting interviews, analysis, and working sessions with leadership.

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