Driving Cloud Adoption at Global Insurance Firm

Case Study: "Reinsuring" Competitive Advantage with DevOps and Automation

At A Glance

Drove digital transformation solutions for large, traditional, global reinsurance firm to maintain competitive advantage – with DevOps as key component.

The Challenge

  • Leading reinsurance firm challenged by increasingly fierce, global competitiveness in financial services industry.
  • IT teams struggled consistently got stuck in analysis paralysis without delivering business value.
  • IT faced costly end-of-life technical migrations.
  • Company overall hamstrung by manual processes, so project handover and sustainment after completions were a concern.

The Solution

  • Unitas Global (Solinea) was brought in to conduct an in-depth technical assessment of the shared service IT organization.
  • Execute DevOps strategy in a targeted, phased and iterative implementation plan focusing on 4 pillars: Culture, People, Technology, Process.
  • Fostered an MVP approach to software development which allowed microservices to be developed and live within 3 days leveraging DevOps best practices, plus pair programming for team upskilling.


  • Implemented CI/CD and Cloud Native operating models as foundations for all development going forward.
  • Helped product development institute lightweight API management frameworks with self-service microservice solution templates to reduce time spent on menial tickets and tasks.
  • Reinforced cloud agnostic design decisions, SRE constructs, and introduced container and microservices.
  • Lead development of a self-service automation system to further help the organization upskill, while eliminating high manually handling tickets numbering in the high double figures weekly.

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