Global Insurance Firm Adopts DevOps

Case Study: Firm Protects Against Competitive Risk with DevOps Strategy

At A Glance

Drove solutions to increase speed to market for new customer-facing services for large, traditional, global insurance firm. 

The Challenge

  • Large, traditional global insurance firm challenged by global competitiveness in financial services industry.
  • Teams struggled collaborating on technical, process and organizational solutions to increase the speed to market for new customer-facing services.
  • Define the right approach for adopting the right DevOps (CI/CD) strategy in order to drive towards above objective also a challenge.

The Solution

  • Unitas Global (Solinea) was brought in to create a multi-departmental, collaborative DevOps workshop to define strategy.
  • Execute DevOps strategy in a targeted, phased and iterative implementation plan.
  • Socialize and roll out implementation across the organization in step-by-step manner to avoid “big bang” shock by selling this sizeable opportunity to drive new services to market more quickly and efficiently through the delivery of a strategically designed strategy.


  • Increased business agility (speed to market) through the deployment of a CI/CD pipeline.
  • The above is coupled with a DevOps process and the requisite organizational recommendations, the insurer has gained efficiencies across the organization.
  • Reduced time to market for new customer-facing services with faster infrastructure provisioning times.
  • Improved Efficiency through increased automation levels, enhanced resource productivity and a more effective usage of the infrastructure.

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