Hybrid Cloud at Deutsche Börse Stock Exchange

Case Study: Successful Transformation of Business Process Creates Agility & Efficiency for the Global Stock Exchange

At A Glance

Unitas Global (formerly Solinea) architected a hybrid cloud platform, including a private OpenStack cloud, to enable business agility and enhance developer productivity.

The Challenge

Faced with a mandate to improve business agility, resource utilization, cost transparency of IT operations, and the introduction of value-added customer offerings, the customer found that its legacy IT infrastructure and decades-old processes were not up to the task. What’s more, it realized that its existing IT staff did not have the required skills to effectively manage the adoption of new technologies and processes. Feeling pressure from both more nimble competitors and more demanding customers to improve the agility of its IT organization while at the same time remaining competitive, the customer realized that it needed to make significant changes.

The Solution

With help from Unitas Global, the customer developed a comprehensive roadmap for its IT department that touched on all pieces of the business agility and developer productivity puzzle. Implementation of a new hybrid cloud architecture based on a private Open Stack cloud and in-country public cloud providers enabled the company to rapidly deploy the new architecture as well as quickly onboard developers.

A new governance model includes new processes to ensure the customer uses its IT resources effectively and efficiently in order to meet its business goals. To further improve the agility of IT, the customer implemented a DevOps and automation strategy to create an end-to-end toolchain and set of processes, as well as an application migration strategy to support existing and new services.


  • Executive buy-in and oversight of the hybrid cloud strategy enabled the customer to architect and build the new infrastructure quickly, using HP Helion Cloud System for cloud management, OpenStack private cloud, and AWS for public cloud requirements.
  • The deployment was so seamless that the customer was able to deploy pilot applications within the first six months of implementing the new IT infrastructure, vividly demonstrating the achievement of KPIs.
  • A pilot CI/CD toolchain and supporting processes and investment in training employees on new technologies and processes keeps the IT organization accountable and agile.
  • A new cost allocation and chargeback process ensures effective accounting of on-demand IT resources.

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