Media Giant Overhauls DevOps Process

Case Study: Accelerates Deployment, Provides Competitive Advantage

At A Glance

Unitas Global (Solinea) helped accelerate, streamline, and reduce errors in new product releases to accommodate new customer load and scalability issues with its event-driven subscriber needs with CI/CD and automation toolchains.

The Challenge

  • With large volumes of new customers coming online, this cable company, needed a slew of new systems, and new processes to support the growth plans. The media company realized it needed to adapt far more than it was capable of doing on its own.
  • Being an older, established enterprise, silos existed, with many issues caused by development and operations throwing code at each other vs. working collaboratively.
  • Existing process and infrastructure operations were not setup to handle the revenue growth that was planned for the new customer acquisition process.

The Solution

  • Process overhaul to integrate separate departments and teams along workstreams and products rather than departments.
  • Renewed focus on automation and continuous delivery to verify that systems are working quickly and can be upgraded as needed.


  • An application that took 4 weeks to deploy manually was automated, which reduced deployment time to 12 CPU hours.
  • As a result of cultural and technical process enhancements, this organization was able to carry the work forward for their existing set of enterprise applications on their own.
  • All teams are now able to deploy more quickly with myriad benefits for operators, as well as continuous improvement benefits for developers.

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