Cloud-Native Tech at US Media Company

Case Study: Industry Leader Adopts Open Source Technology

At A Glance

Leading US media company moves to open-source tools and cloud native development for agility and scalability to solve pains and take advantage of new business opportunities.

The Challenge

  • As a traditional enterprise, this household media brand needed to move to cloud native development to support a new platform. They were looking across various tenets of a large hybrid cloud implementation – Security/ Compliance, Cost, App refactoring, etc.
  • Also as a mature enterprise, they needed extensive time to research the new platforms needed to upgrade and run all facets of cloud native applications.
  • Various teams needed upskilling and upleveling to be conversant in and users of various new processes and technologies.

The Solution

  • One of the key goals was to modernize the IT process to be able to take full operational advantage of cloud native applications at scale, as well as accelerating product releases and time to market.
  • Plan for public cloud deployment on AWS as well as insure a cloud agnostic approach to allow for portability in the future.
  • Once the new platform was built, deploying loosely coupled containers and microservices on top of it was straightforward, and allowed for accelerated product testing for new and upgraded products.c


  • Upskilled team, processes, and technology in small, sequential steps allowing for small successes to boost buy-in, confidence, and proof points for more budget and support
  • Implementation is cloud agnostic, and now does dev/test workloads, provides significant continuous integration benefits, and a large Kubernetes deployment that will be in production in early 2017
  • Take advantage new revenue opportunities by being able to run at scale and release new products faster
  • Money saved by automatically floating workloads between public and private clouds in cost-optimizing manner

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