Public to Private Migration Saves 30%

Case Study: Mobile Gaming Company Accelerates Time-to-Market


The mobile gaming industry, more specifically digitally downloaded content, has erupted in the last few years due to the immense popularity of smart phones and tablet devices. With a potential client base that is continuously expanding at an exponential rate, mobile gaming developers constantly evolve and adapt to align with both trends and device capabilities. However, in order to fully capitalize on the massive prospective customer pool, mobile gaming developers must prioritize the availability and reliability of their product. Since overnight success and instant notoriety seem to be the trend in the mobile space, a mobile gaming development company runs into a barrage of hurdles if they choose to outsource their infrastructure to a pay-per-use, out-of- the-box solution, which is plagued with pricing issues, insecure shared environments, and outages. Instead, a dedicated private cloud infrastructure provides the necessary scalable computational resources along with comprehensive reliability.

The Challenge

A leading mobile gaming company, based in Silicon Valley, was spending over $1 million annually on cloud infrastructure for its hosting. With several well-publicized outages, along with disk throughput and general performance issues, the public cloud environment was not meeting their needs for parts of their service. The management tools provided by both the cloud provider and those developed in-house had created a confusing and disjointed management system, exacerbating the problem. However, the company was hesitant to deploy a dedicated environment due to its financial commitment and drain of internal resources.

The Solution

After examining the mobile development company’s dilemma, Unitas Global suggested designing, deploying, and fully managing an Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC). Together, the mobile developers and Unitas would design the environment to meet their exact technology requirements; designed from the ground up to have true mission critical high availability and hot failover capability. Plus, private, dedicated hardware, in a completely quarantined environment provided the peace of mind the developers were seeking with regard to redundancy and security. The 24/7 management and monitoring would be handled by Unitas’ Support Operations Centers operating across 3 continents. Unitas Atlas™ unified dashboard would then provide “single pane of glass” visibility into the health of their infrastructure, performance of their applications, reporting on uptime and availability, asset management, and real-time alert and incident response notification.


The proposed EPC solution has delivered on both its reliability and dedicated computing promises, but also in regards to overall costs. The mobile development company now saves 30% a month by migrating parts of their application from public cloud, but also deployed the live infrastructure 33% faster than the project was initially expected to launch. Most importantly, the company’s staff is now entirely focused on application development, outsourcing all infrastructure needs to Unitas Global.

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