Cloud Advisory & Adoption

Cloud Strategies for the Real World.

“Cloud Strategy” means a lot more than just defining an architecture. It includes application optimization and migration, intelligent workload placement, transforming business processes, enablement of new technologies, and much more.

And once hybrid cloud has been deployed, it means driving user adoption.

Helping Organizations Create and Adopt a Cloud Strategy


A new cloud strategy starts with an assessment of the people, process, and systems currently in place. Our cloud assessment services are designed to provide an accurate picture of the state of your technology landscape, serving as a foundation for creation and implementation of a new cloud strategy.


Digital transformation isn’t just about the technology. Cloud adoption is driven by people and business processes. Over the years, our team has learned the first-hand lessons needed to help your organization successfully implement a cloud strategy, including enthusiastic adoption across the entire team.


Modern software application architecture is changing how IT infrastructure is built and operated. A microservices architecture based on containerized application components results in more efficient resource utilization, decreasing cost and increasing agility and reliability. Our team of experts can help with the transformation of traditional workloads to a more modern architecture.


As workload increasingly moves to cloud infrastructure, applications need to be modified or optimized for the environment they’re being moved to. To really take advantage of cloud, a “lift and shift” approach won’t provide the best results. Unitas can provide application cloud optimization and migration services.


In today’s world, application development happens at the speed of business. The most competitive companies are agile, responding to changing business conditions by enabling new features or capabilities in their software to gain an advantage. This requires a new approach to software development and deployment.

Success Stories

We had to use a MSP [managed services provider] to support our company due to the inherent complexity involved with our global scale. These consultants know what they’re doing and have a lot more experience than us doing these migrations.

Client IT Director

DevOps Transforms Top Online Ticketing Site

The leading US ticket retailer needed a complete pipeline implementation to speed application innovation and deployment. Find out how Unitas experts helped.

US Media Giant Adopts Cloud-Native Open Source

The move to cloud native development increased agility and scalability. Learn how Unitas helped them take advantage of new business opportunities.

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