Cloud Assessment

Performance, scalability, security. Are all the reasons you began your cloud journey lost somewhere between the overspending, skillset gaps, and availability challenges?

During our in-depth cloud assessment, you’ll work with a dedicated cloud project team to quickly review and articulate a strategic roadmap for a full cloud assessment. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to fully understand the enterprise’s need for cloud transformation, incorporating all dimensions of people, process, and technology.

Assessment Framework


Are teams organized around skillsets or projects? Is systems and application knowledge tribal or documented? Are there clear lines of communication from development to production?


Are deployment processes manual or automated? Is testing performed adhoc or in an automated, agile manner? Has the infrastructure governance model evolved to incorporate cloud?


Is monitoring integrated across platforms or siloed? Are environments built manually or in an automated manner with centralized configuration management? Is the concept of “infrastructure as code” a reality?


Is the cloud vision driven from the executive suite? Is there efficient sharing of information across multi-disciplinary teams? Are the cloud migration objectives shared by all in the organization?

Key Questions Answered

What should I be doing in public cloud vs private cloud or existing environments?

How can I be more efficient and productive in my current cloud environments?

How can I ensure my cloud investments and plans support the most important objectives for my business?

The Process

Pre-calls coordinating on-site work, interviewees, scope, and scheduling.

2-week engagement (i.e. from kickoff to completion within a month).

On-site delivery of the assessment combining interviews, workshops, analysis, and daily readouts of the day’s findings & next day’s objectives.

Joint iterative review of the outcomes, finalizing the prioritized initiatives and supporting economics.

Final report review with executive stakeholders & next steps discussion.

Important Cloud Considerations

Why move to the cloud?

  • What are the business drivers for adopting cloud?
  • Is it to achieve more agility in delivering services to customers?
  • Are you looking for a platform that enables rapid innovation & scale?
  • Are you trying to reduce the cost of your infrastructure?

What should move to the cloud?

  • The business drivers inform what is migrated to the cloud.
  • Is the cloud simply a tool or a competitive advantage?
  • Are your existing applications cloud-ready?
  • Do the transition economics work for you; does the business case support
    the migration?

How do we move to the cloud?

  • Do you have the right agile processes in place, continuous integration & continuous deployment?
  • Is automation part and parcel of your development, testing, and deployment capabilities?
  • Are the right governance protocols in place to ensure a successful transition?
  • Will your sensitive data and IP be secure?
  • Are your security policies and processes adaptable to a cloud model, while
    satisfying your overall risk profile?


In-depth Cloud Assessment report, including an 18-24 month cloud adoption roadmap, enabling you to adopt our recommended strategy & demonstrate results to your stakeholders in short, agile phases around the following categories:

  • Cloud Governance
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure & Management
  • Automation & DevOps
  • Application Migration

Success Stories

Unitas is really willing to customize. They are willing to hire help desk people in certain regions if we needed it and bring in customized gear for a customer. If you are calling in for a specific need, they are willing to do unique integrations and do that quickly.

Fortune 500 CIO

Hybrid Cloud Transforms Largest US Satellite Broadcaster

A highly seasonal workload and a static, fixed infrastructure represented the perfect opportunity to leverage hybrid cloud. Find out more about the transformation that resulted at this Fortune 250 brand.

Hyundai Transforms Big Data Processing

This global top 10 automobile manufacturer wanted to transform how they process big data. Learn how Unitas helped demonstrate the value of commodity big data and the difference it made to Hyundai’s business. 

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