Cloud Connectivity

From On-Premise to Data Center to Cloud: end-to-end network solutions for the cloud.

Today’s cloud landscape is complicated and ever-changing. New technologies become available at a remarkable pace, representing opportunities for greater efficiency and agility. As more and more of the traditional on-premise enterprise IT workload shifts to private/hosted and public cloud infrastructure, connectivity becomes increasingly important.

The enterprise migration to cloud-based IT services has direct implications for underlying network infrastructure. This is driven by three key elements: 

Traditional workloads were run on-premise with direct proximity to the users accessing them via the local area network. This meant that latency and network bandwidth were predictable and virtually guaranteed. Moving applications to the cloud means that users are now accessing them via the internet or long distance private connections. Increased latency or decreased available bandwidth can have a direct, negative impact on the performance of the application for the user, which in turn can have an impact to the overall business.

No longer tied to fixed desktops, applications today are accessed from anywhere, anytime. Mobile networks are increasingly tasked with supporting enterprise applications, and users expect the same level of responsiveness they’ve come to expect from their workstation. Applications supporting mobile users require network proximity to mobile carrier networks to ensure the best performance.

The volume of raw data being generated by enterprise workloads has exploded in recent years. Along with this increase in volume, so too has the footprint expanded in the number of disparate systems and services that house it. “Data Dispersion” refers to the shift from the traditional single, central repository of data to today’s dispersed model, where specific data sets live with the services that process them. However, the need for data exchange between services has also grown with the rise of machine learning and big data analytics. Moving large data sets between systems requires consistent, reliable inter-service network connectivity.

Our Connectivity Solution

Unitas Global has designed a comprehensive Cloud Connectivity solution that includes multiple forms of network services designed to bring performance and reliability to the entire cloud ecosystem. Hybrid cloud is the predominant architecture in today’s world, and requires connectivity both to and between different parts of the overall infrastructure. Learn more about the different types of connectivity we provide as part of this solution:

Unitas Global Cloud Connectivity


Commonly referred to as “last mile” or “local access,” Access Connectivity serves as the path to the cloud from your business locations via the nearest data center or cloud providers with private, dedicated bandwidth. Unitas Global’s proprietary cloud connectivity tool finds the best available providers and services for millions of on-net buildings, saving time and money while ensuring high quality service.


Unitas Global’s answer to bridging Access and Cloud networks, the Unitas Cloud On-Ramp™ serves as a connectivity hub. Strategically-located data centers provide a point to interconnect enterprise network infrastructure with cloud services.


Most companies operate from multiple locations, whether in the same city or on different continents. Wide Area Networking connects these locations together with a private network, and bridges that network to required cloud services.


High-bandwidth connections are required to move large amounts of data quickly and reliably. Unitas provides backbone connectivity between cloud data centers and this solution is available at over 185 locations around the world with real-time SDN-based provisioning.


At the intersection of cloud is the underlying network required to connect it all together. Navigating the ecosystem of last-mile access, data center connectivity, wide area backbone and public cloud on-ramp services is complex. Unitas Global delivers a comprehensive set of cloud connectivity solutions with an end-to-end SLA.

Success Stories

This unique offering places Unitas in the optimal position to provide clients the expertise they need to accelerate and simplify their cloud adoption strategies.

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