Inter-Cloud Networking

Cloud-to-Cloud Connectivity

Different private and public clouds are suited for different workloads for a variety of reasons: unique capabilities, technology differences, regulatory or security requirements, and many others. However often the data sets being utilized in these workloads are common and originate at a single location or on a particular network. Inter-Cloud Networking connects different cloud services together with private, dedicated high-performance bandwidth designed to move large data sets around. 

How We Can Help

Unitas Global maintains points of presence around the world supporting our client infrastructure. These locations are directly connected to multiple cloud service providers, including public hyperscale clouds as well as private colocated infrastructure. 

These network hubs serve as an interconnection point, routing network traffic between different cloud services. 

Cloud Backbone Network

Success Stories

Unitas is really willing to customize. They are willing to hire help desk people in certain regions if we needed it and bring in customized gear for a customer. If you are calling in for a specific need, they are willing to do unique integrations and do that quickly.

Fortune 500 CIO

Hybrid Cloud Transforms Largest US Satellite Broadcaster

A highly seasonal workload and a static, fixed infrastructure represented the perfect opportunity to leverage hybrid cloud. Find out more about the transformation that resulted at this Fortune 250 brand.

Hyundai Transforms Big Data Processing

This global top 10 automobile manufacturer wanted to transform how they process big data. Learn how Unitas helped demonstrate the value of commodity big data and the difference it made to Hyundai’s business. 

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