Remote Managed Services

Your I.T. infrastructure — managed by Unitas Global.

Unitas provides day-to-day monitoring and management of enterprise IT solutions enabling clients to focus on their core business applications. Unitas Atlas™, the unified monitoring platform, provides each client with full transparency and complete insight into their enterprise IT environment.



  • Unified Monitoring Platform
  • Monitoring, Analytics and Visibility
  • Single Pane View
  • Full Insight into Designated IT Environments
  • Management of Infrastructure Health & Performance
  • Replaces Disparate Tools

24x7x365 SUPPORT

  • Unitas Global Cloud Management Centers (CMC)
  • Redundant Support from 3 Locations
  • Proactively Supported Infrastructure
  • Up to Tier 3 Level Support


  • Access to Engineers
  • Additions, Changes & Troubleshooting
  • Not Limited to Pre-determined Support Schedule
  • Full Stack Management


  • Full Infrastructure Environment Support
  • Compute, Storage & Network Infrastructure
  • Configuration & Incident Management
  • Continuous Improvement Lifecycle & Security

Why Unitas Global?


As an extension of a client’s IT team, listening to and providing for the customer is top priority at Unitas.


We recognize that every organization has existing systems, so we support a wide variety of enterprise technologies.


Unitas Global manages IT environments 24x7x365 worldwide to satisfy clients business requirements.


Unitas Global solutions are built to grow with clients & their business initiatives.


Unitas engineers work as an extension of clients’ in-house IT resources and capabilities.


Manage all data center space, hardware, software, network, and managed services through Unitas for all client IT needs.

Success Stories

Companies are realizing they are being forced into becoming an IT business regardless of their core business. A major benefit of a managed cloud solution like Unitas is the ability to shift IT management to them, which then permits you to control everything you need to run your business: help you focus on what makes your business money.

Bill Young, CTO, Equinix

Hybrid Cloud Transforms Largest US Satellite Broadcaster

A highly seasonal workload and a static, fixed infrastructure represented the perfect opportunity to leverage hybrid cloud. Find out more about the transformation that resulted at this Fortune 250 brand.

Hyundai Transforms Big Data Processing

This global top 10 automobile manufacturer wanted to transform how they process big data. Learn how Unitas helped demonstrate the value of commodity big data and the difference it made to Hyundai’s business. 

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