Cloud On-Ramp™

Connect your enterprise to the entire cloud ecosystem.

Digital transformation is driving cloud adoption at an unprecedented rate. Increasingly, companies are turning to multiple cloud services to meet their needs. 

Why multiple clouds?

Technologies and features unique to different public cloud services present opportunities to do new things with data and workloads. As cloud services become more specialized, the need for leveraging multiple clouds will only grow. 

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of companies have a multi-cloud strategy

* RightScale 2018 Cloud Survey

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of enterprise software spending will be on SaaS by 2020

* Gartner Cloud Forecast 2018

In addition, more and more enterprise software is being delivered as a service, with most new applications being built for delivery this way. As software continues moving to the cloud, the network supporting its users becomes ever more important to ensure a good experience. 

Digital transformation initiatives are driving cloud adoption.

Digital transformation initiatives require that infrastructure isn’t just consumed in new ways, but that the cloud makes businesses more innovative and competitive. Machine learning, AI, big data analytics and business intelligence capabilities are all drivers of cloud adoption. 

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of global enterprises will rely on public cloud to drive digital transformation

* Forrester Cloud Predictions 2018

As workload continues moving to the cloud, network access becomes increasingly important to ensuring quality of service.

Unitas Global Cloud On-Ramp™

Serving as a connectivity hub for your company, the Cloud On-Ramp™ service consists of a dedicated set of network infrastructure, housed in strategically-located datacenters, connecting your enterprise locations to key cloud services.

Unitas Global Cloud On-Ramp™



Cloud On-Ramp™ is a dedicated infrastructure solution, consisting of network equipment deployed in strategic data centers, interconnecting with your enterprise network and cloud service providers. 


Hundreds of cloud services are available to connect with, including all major hyperscale public clouds as well as PaaS and SaaS providers. 


Deployed infrastructure is customized based on your enterprise’s unique requirements.


Cloud On-Ramp™ infrastructure can include a full suite of security services, including network traffic inspection, firewalls, IDS/IPS and anti-virus/malware solutions.


These strategic locations serve as the hub of your enterprise WAN. By leveraging our Ethernet access connectivity and optimizing network topologies, WAN costs can be greatly reduced.


Unitas Global uses its proprietary access connectivity tool to design, quote, and provision bandwidth into enterprise locations. 


Managed and maintained 24×7 by the Unitas Cloud Management Center.


Monitoring and management from the Unitas Atlas™ single pane of glass dashboard providing total visibility. 


Available worldwide, in nearly 200 partner data centers or in your own.

Success Stories

Unitas is really willing to customize. They are willing to hire help desk people in certain regions if we needed it and bring in customized gear for a customer. If you are calling in for a specific need, they are willing to do unique integrations and do that quickly.

Fortune 500 CIO

Hybrid Cloud Transforms Largest US Satellite Broadcaster

A highly seasonal workload and a static, fixed infrastructure represented the perfect opportunity to leverage hybrid cloud. Find out more about the transformation that resulted at this Fortune 250 brand.

Hyundai Transforms Big Data Processing

This global top 10 automobile manufacturer wanted to transform how they process big data. Learn how Unitas helped demonstrate the value of commodity big data and the difference it made to Hyundai’s business. 

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