Cloud Assessment, Strategy, and Planning

As with any complex technology project, cloud transformation requires a strategy and a plan to be successful. Success depends on more than just implementation of new technologies; it involves transforming business processes, people, and software products as well.
Prior to deploying a single virtual machine, Unitas works with our clients to understand business requirements and objectives, crafting a strategy for cloud transformation and building a plan designed to achieve that goal. This takes place in 3 key phases:


A strategy for cloud transformation starts with an assessment of your current IT environment, including technology, people, and processes. Unitas Global offers a variety of assessment services in varying scope, with the results serving as a foundation for the rest of the cloud strategy process.


With an assessment in hand, we can now work with you to define objectives for a cloud transformation. These objectives should be based on the desired business outcome, and commonly include increased agility, cost reduction, improved efficiency, digital transformation, and gaining a competitive advantage.
With objectives set, and an assessment of available skills and technologies, we then work with our clients to define a comprehensive strategy for achieving those goals. This tangible, actionable plan addresses people, process, and systems, and includes a roadmap for achieving future objectives. It will also include a plan for post-transformation cloud adoption.


No matter how well-executed the plan is, and how smoothly the new cloud infrastructure works, if it’s not adopted the project isn’t successful. Just as implementing new technologies requires a strategy, so does the adoption of that technology by its users. After all, if the new infrastructure isn’t used and processes aren’t updated, it’s difficult to take advantage of it.
With a plan in place, it’s time to deploy and use Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Success Stories

Unitas Global offers deep insight and expertise on security solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure. By working closely with the customer, UG offers a customized solution that fits our specific needs. We decided that we can’t be both a bank and an IT shop.

Financial Services CIO

Cloud-Native Tech at US Media Giant

Leading US media company moves to open-source tools and cloud native development for agility and scalability to solve pains and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Hyundai Transforms Big Data Processing

This global top 10 automobile manufacturer wanted to transform how they process big data. Learn how Unitas helped demonstrate the value of commodity big data and the difference it made to Hyundai’s business. 

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