US Ticket Retailer Adopts DevOps Pipeline

Case Study: Speedy DevOps Pipeline and Process Gets Retailer Best Seats

At A Glance

Drove the design and rollout of the DevOps pipeline and processes to enable a leading ticket retailer to more rapidly adopt their cloud infrastructure, driving down costs in the long term.

The Challenge

  • Multiple sources of truth resulting from tool sprawl – several different tools were used throughout the CI/CD process. Not all teams were using the same tool for the same function.
  • Lack of auditing capability so couldn’t track which team deployed what artifact in a given environment.
  • Very difficult to provide chargebacks for future AWS utilization forcing a costly monitoring tool to track the code.
  • Complex, siloed pipelines as every team was using their own pipeline, and none had a pipeline that allowed low tech-maturity teams to easily adopt.

The Solution

  • Unitas Global (Solinea) was brought in to create a strategy for cloud migration and deliver the processes, tactics, and tech to accelerate this move to the cloud which would save the retailer tens of millions per year on private datacenter costs.
  • Implemented a single, fully automated and integrated CI/CD toolchain solely within AWS, utilizing GitLab-CI, Terraform, ECR, and Nexus.
  • Provided standard pipelines for all teams to adopt.
  • Created and tested pipelines for 3 kinds of code builds (DotNet, Java, PHP).
  • Developed self-service instructions for migrating to the new pipeline and toolset.


  • Provided key capabilities for the customer team to quickly migrate their CI/CD processes to AWS.
  • Accelerated onboarding for teams to consume pipeline in as little as 2 days, down from 2 weeks before change.
  • Standardized tools and pipeline allowing the same kind of code to be built the same way across all teams.
  • Lowered barriers to CI/CD and cloud entry for teams of varying tech maturity.
  • Traceability implemented for audit information storage alongside build artifact.

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