Managed Public Cloud

Flexible, On-Demand, Managed: get the resources you need, when you need them.

Public cloud provides easy access to resources as you need them on flexible terms, eliminating the need to build and maintain infrastructure. The leading cloud providers also offer a variety of on-demand platform services (such as databases) further reducing operational burden. And of course public cloud is scalable, allowing for growth without the need to plan long upgrade cycles.

Implementing best practices in public cloud remains complicated, and the technology is ever-changing. There are significant differences between the major providers, and different workloads are often better suited for one over another. Unitas Global provides fully-managed public cloud, allowing you to focus on enterprise workloads rather than maintaining expertise across the spectrum of clouds and technologies.



Scale up or down as business needs change without contract lock-in.


The latest technologies are offered first in public cloud, shortening the time required to take advantage of them. New services are announced regularly.


One size does NOT fit all in public cloud. Just as with physical infrastructure, there is a plethora of vendors and technologies to choose from.


Cloud security experts design a custom public cloud security solution based on your organization’s requirements.


The complexities of public cloud are managed and maintained 24x7x365 by the industry’s first purpose-built Cloud Management Center.


On-demand instant provisioning via our easy-to-use portal.


Monitoring and management from the Unitas Atlas™ single pane of glass dashboard provides total visibility. 


Unitas Global supports AWS, Azure and Google in all regions, worldwide.

Next-Generation Public Cloud Managed Services

While public cloud services have made it easier to consume resources than with traditional legacy infrastructure, this ease of use presents new challenges relating to management, cost control, quality assurance, and adherence to best practices. As the complexity of managing public cloud infrastructure continues to increase, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are becoming more important to companies looking to take advantage of new technologies while avoiding pitfalls. This evolution means that leading MSPs like Unitas Global are providing Next-Generation services specific to the challenges and opportunities public cloud provides.

Traditional MSP

Next-Generation MSP

General focus on “run and operate.”

Design, architect, automate, optimize.

Hardware-based solutions.

Cloud- and software-based solutions.

Centralized operations and resources.

Distributed operations and resources.

Device-based SLAs.

Solution- and application-based SLAs.

Complex, manual change management.

DevOps, CI/CD self-healing solutions, infrastructure as code.

Static monitoring with fixed thresholds.

Dynamic monitoring, anomaly detection, machine learning.

Security risk mitigation.

Security by design, continuous compliance.

Outsourcing vendor.

Trusted advisor and partner.

Public Cloud Technology Enablement

Every public cloud offers the basic “building blocks” required to support common workloads: compute, memory, storage, and network access. However, each offer their own unique suite of services and features designed to make deploying and operating workloads easier in their environment. Each hyperscale public cloud has specific workload types that it specializes in, and different use cases are best suited for different clouds.

Navigating all these technologies can be challenging, as they vary from provider to provider, both in function and design. New services are announced routinely, often monthly or even weekly. Unitas Global has a dedicated team of Cloud Solution Architects certified in the technologies present in each cloud provider who make recommendations and create architecture designs taking advantage of these unique capabilities based on each specific use case.

Unitas Global provides enablement of hyperscale public cloud services including:


Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform



Container Services, AKS

Kubernetes Engine,
Container Engine

Relational Database


SQL Database

Cloud SQL



Cosmos DB

Cloud BigTable

Data Warehouse


SQL Data Warehouse

Cloud BigQuery


Route 53

Azure DNS

Google Cloud DNS

Deployment Orchestration



Cloud Deployment Manager



Azure Functions

Google Cloud Functions

Content Delivery


Content Delivery Network

Cloud CDN

Private Network

Direct Connect


Cloud Connection

Why Unitas Managed Public Cloud?

Every use case is different. By allowing our team of experts design and architect the best solution for your use case, you can focus on your company’s specific business requirements. Unitas Global’s Managed Public Cloud offering provides distinct benefits over a DIY approach:

  • Dedicated team of Cloud Solution Architects
  • Expert-level specialization in AWS, Azure and Google
  • Best practice implementation of cloud accounts, access, authentication, permissions, networking
  • 24x7x365 health, performance, and security monitoring

Cloud Transformation & Adoption

Unitas Global offers a variety of professional services to help with cloud transformation and adoption:

  • Cloud Advisory & Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption Services
  • Containers & Microservices Architecture
  • DevOps Enablement
  • Application Migration

Success Stories

They have a strong ability to create customized solutions. They customize each of these solutions to the client. They are like a boutique of very custom, tailor-made services that can provide custom security designs.

Unitas Global Client

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